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Faultless by JJ William

Faultless is a queersad self-love story, a journey of recovery, an interrogation of the past.

Faultless is the first novel by JJ William, a non-binary sexual abuse activist based in Leeds. It offers a narrative of conflict, loss and redemption while dealing with the effects of trauma and mental health.

illustrated throughout by Rebecca Healey with cover by Jack Fallows

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Gob Fauna by Tom Dowse

Gob Fauna collects together 5 short stories set in an unsettling near-future landscape of undervalued service work even more precarious than our own.

The environs and characters are uncanny; the over-zealous middle management, pervasive surveillance and disposable humanity of late capitalism have prevailed and bloomed.
Interspersed throughout the texts are stark lino-cut images that appear as icons or talismans of the disregarded or broken while also depicting the persistent life forms surviving despite relentless hostility.

co-published with Studio Operative.
Designed by P.G Howlin'

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A Haunting, Too Close to the Heart by Charlotte Heather

A Haunting, Too Close to the Heart is a short collection of speculative fiction thematically linked by love, isolation and alienation, themes prevalent to experiences of queer identity and coming to terms with identity in general

Coming soon w/ illustrations by Sumena Owen

Servants of the Wank by Various ed. Peter Willis

A collection of comics, poems, stories and drawings combining, finally, science fiction and masturbation feat. Bette Blanchard, Huw Lemmey, Charlotte Heather, Tom Dowse, Michael Crowe, Kim Coleman, Scott Ramsey Kyle, Foivos Dousos, Sam Keogh, Peter Willis, Tamar Shlaim & more

'coming' soon - in the meantime read Huw Lemmey's short story Thrusters here, and subscribe to his newsletter while you're there.


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